The MITCA Team State Meets in Track & Field are meets that are put on by MITCA in an attempt to have a true Team State Champion in each Division. True team scoring means that each team is allowed 3 entries per individual event and 1 relay team. Depending on the number of teams 1st place in individual events scores the total number of entries allowed, with 2nd place earning 1 less point, all the way down to the final place scoring 1 point. Relays score double of individual event total and decrease by 6.

In order to place well at Team State teams are required to have depth across all 17 events of Track & Field.

Currently qualification is awarded to MHSAA Regional Champions and earned by participating in the MITCA Power Rankings; the top 16 Power Ranked teams in Division 1 and the top 12 Power Ranked teams in Divisions 2, 3 & 4 will qualify. Team State meets are held over Memorial Day Weekend.

2023 MITCA Team State Locations:
Division 1 – Zeeland on Friday May 26th – Info Sheet
Division 2 – Berrien Springs on Friday May 26th – Info Sheet
Division 3 – Clare on Saturday May 27th – Info Sheet
Division 4 – Mt.┬áPleasant on Saturday May 27th – Info Sheet

List of Qualified Teams & Attendance Status
Qualified Team Attendance Form