MITCA Champions of Champions Track & Field Festival Info

Meet Schedule
June 9, 2023  – MITCA Champions of Champions Track & Field Festival – Running Stream – Field Stream – Live Results

June 10, 2023  – MITCA Champions of Champions Track & Field Festival – Running Stream – Live Results

Most meet info will be going through the meet page and we will be publishing entries, schedules(need to finalize a bit after these additional entries), live results links and live stream links. All can be found here:

The MITCA Michigan Champions of Champions Track & Field Festival will be coming up on June 9th and 10th following the conclusion of the HS State Finals. As a replacement for the MidWest Meet of Champions MITCA’s hope is that this new meet will bring together HS Track & Field athletes from across all divisions and areas to compete against one another at the end of the season.

We will be offering 2 divisions with the “Champions” division being the absolute top athletes who enter and qualify and the “Up & Coming” division will be the next group up.

Entries done on
Entry window: May 12th to June 5th by 8pm
As entries are selected this will prompt the payment process. Only athletes selected for the meet will be required to complete payment. All entries selected by June 6th, many have started to be accepted now. Entry Instructions

We will be competing in both divisions of most events but a few(the 3200m for example) may only be the “Champions” division.

Relays will be similar to the national meets and require 4 athletes from the same school. Relays will likely end up being just the “Champions” Division.

Individual Events $30 for the 1st event, $10 for a second

Relays Events $60

All registered athletes will receive a nice give away item. Details on what will be coming very soon.

Davison has graciously volunteered to host this exciting new meet and we can’t thank them enough for the willingness to jump in and help. 

A full schedule and final entry instructions will be available when entries open on the 12th.

Tentative Event Schedule

Friday June 9th
4:00pm Athlete check in
5:30pm Field events: Discus Girls (Champions) 
Long Jump (Champions) Boys followed by girls
Pole Vault (Champions) Boys & Girls
High Jump (Champions) Girls followed by boys
Shot Put (Champions) Girls, after the conclusion of discus

6:00pm Running Events
100 hurdles (Up & Coming)
110 hurdles (Up & Coming)
100 meters (Up & Coming)
DMR (1200-400-800-1600) (Champions)
400 meters (Both Divisions)
100 hurdles (Champions)
110 hurdles (Champions)
100 meters (Champions)
3200 (Champions) girls
3200 (Champions) boys

Saturday Events:

10:00am Field Events

Shot Put  Boys (Championship)

Discus girls (Up & Coming) During boys Championship Shot

Boys Discus Championship to follow completion of the Boys Championship Shot Put 1:00 projected

Shot Put Girls (Up & Coming) After boys Championship shot put
Long Jump (Up & Coming) Boys followed by girls
High Jump (Up & Coming) girls followed by boys
Discus Boys (Up & Coming) after Championship
Shot Put Boys (Up & Coming) after Girls Shot Put (Up & Coming)

10:00am Running Events
3200m (Up & Coming)
SMR Girls (400-200-200-800) (Champions)
SMR Boys (Champions)
1600 meters (Up & Coming)
1600 Girls (Champions)
1600 Boys (Champions)
300 hurdles (Up & Coming)
300 hurdles Girls (Champions)
300 hurdles Boys (Champions)
800 (Up & Coming)
800 Girls (Champions)
800 Boys (Champions)
200 meters (Up & Coming)
200 meters Girls (Champions)
200 meters Boys (Champions)
4×400 (Champions)